Defining Holograms 

As one of the first lead designers on the team, I have been working on how we think about holograms, building mental models that create a cohesive and holistic experience, and leading interaction frameworks that not only have created an extremely usable Operating System, but also make the experience compelling and delightful for generations to come. 

Input Model 

I have been leading Gestures for Hololens and work on Input models for How we give focus to Gaze and Hand.  




Hardware to Software

While the Operating System runs Windows and leverage the underlying capabilities,  it is important to design for the hardware needs. How do users think different of a head-mounted display? How is it the same? These have been at the core of my design practice. 


I lead all Hologram Manipulation and Interaction Models. This means that anytime a Hologram is using Environmental Understanding and Human Understanding, I define the behaviors and the way it understands its surroundings. From Digital to Physical and vice versa.