Tangible to Fluid Interactions

At the intersection of Public and Play

I worked with Mouna and Melissa at Daily Tous Les Jours where over a course of summer I participated in Ideation, creation, fabrication and collaboration with various organizations in Montreal area. The projects focus on how the public understands spaces and objects for interaction and how digital interfaces could mediate a more social engagement in the context of the city.  My involvement included conceptual sketches, ideation and story telling through play. 



Physical Interfaces

So much of designing for physical experiences is how we interact and from a psychology perspective how we make the assumptions that we do when we touch, hear, and speak to our surroundings. To design physical interfaces, I had to understand and research history of cognition and incorporate with symbolism. 


Digital Presence

Designing for Memorama created constraints for the types of materials we used since the objects had to be in public for 2 months. This is where I had to design for poetic interactions, helpers for the public to feel emerged and engaged by enveloping them with language, shape and sound as though the machine is a a pet helping us.