Dinner Bot

In collaboration with Darius Kazemi


Have an algorithm curate your dinner 

>> This is a work in progress. 

In collaboration with Darius who is a bot maker I wanted to explore and create various bots that someone could connect with to create special dinners. What if you could say a theme like "yellow" or "romantic" and Dinner bot could aggregate your recipe? Better yet, what if your bot could make a beautiful composition of your table top with curated arrangements to your liking? I wanted to know more about how I can design with large amount of data and learn about the limitations of bots, but also, i wanted to have a human-bot collaboration. 

At first, I explored the already available MS Cognitive APIs to use Image detection and recognition of content. Here I looked up fuits that are "teal" colored. Ofcourse it did not look very realistic, but to be honest I kind of enjoyed the cartoon aesthetic. In any case, this is a tool that I can use for example to search and use recognition to assemble specific "foods" or at least their images. 

I could even do the reverse. So for example I can gather images that I want like Peach, Orange,  Tomato etc. and feed it here and get a list of it's attributes: "cut", "sliced", "fresh".

Or in this one, you can see that some foods fit in the expected category like peach which is recognized by the algorithm as "FOOD" whereas the tomato looks too much out of the set of properties that define tomato (at least in this case) so it is not categorized as FOOD.

But beyond Image we wanted to explore what it might mean to use words that describe foods and build a bot from there. What if we could tell it: I want a romantic dinner, what kind of foods should i make? and it would search for the right context etc. 

This was from another project around words and contexts that we'd like to leverage for the context collector of the dinner bot. 

Another bot can write articles automatically generated from Wikipedia on food:



Currently the work is in progress and we are interested in creating a dinner bot that can leverage data from images, words and encyclopedias to allow the user to work with the bot to have "it" curate their dinner party. I want something visual by the end as well, as opposed simply a menu but this is challenging. Stay tuned for more...