NO Paint

inspired by MS paint, and Kidpix, Nopaint is a new web based interactive drawing board using brushes that transform the way we think about painting and drawing using modern technology and sensors. The hope for brushes are to develop in to a curatorial space for artists, technologists, thinkers and makers to add to the ever growing library of ways of seeing.

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inspired by MS Paint + KidPix 

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The Computer, The Camera, New Ways of Drawing

From computer collaboration to the camera, with past work that Jeffery, my partner in creating No Paint has explored, we utilize new ways of augmenting and seeing the world. Below you can see an example of the two areas we focused on: decision making and camera point and draw. 



Point the camera and Draw. This work is done by Jeffery Allan Scudder, my partner, and it will be activated as a brush in No Paint

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No Paint

This is an early version of No Paint, but we wanted to expand beyond this tool and really push the way not only we collaborate but build on our own skills.

No Paint 

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No Paint Demo




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Interaction + Wireframes for NO PAINT

WBGArtboard 1 copy 17.png

Color Picker Input Interaction Model

Using only single tap in order to invoke color picker allows the user to access contextually, from where their mouse or finger is already positioned. While single tap may seem to be best reserved for drawing single strokes like dots, we have tuned the input in such a way that the user can still draw dots with a bit of movemet, and still access at a tap away the most powerful and important feature, changing of brush color and size. 


Research and Testing for Color Picker

For the most part the combination of Wheel and Triangle/Rectangle work best. But we wanted to explore what it might be like to have a bit of fun and create creative ways of exploring color spectrum. 

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Artboard 45.png
Artboard 71 copy.png
Artboard 74 copy.png