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Critter Orchestra

Short Story on the Pawn Shop of Future and Biotechnology

Nordic FoodLab

Nordic Food Lab

Collaborations in
Designing for Food

Dinner Bot

Dinner Bot

Dinner Bot

Bot that curates foods for your dinner


Futurist Cookbook

Inspired by Marinetti, a 21st Century Guide to Eating


A collection of images of forbidden actions and objects.

Geo-Located Sound

Geo-Located Sound

Geo-Spacial Sound

Holographic 3D placed Sound App for Music Creation

Simulated Banana

A practice in Synthetic Biology and Bacteria to exhibit smell

Talking Scents

A podcast on stories about smell

Food Noir

Dinner Noir

Experimental Dinner, focusing on Black Food

Food Futures:NIM


A game designed for the unrested couple 

Machine Perception

Face Changes

Explorations in Machine Learning

Augment This


Writing and Collected Imagery on Simulation